Wednesday, September 30, 2009

THIRTY weeks!!!

Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot believe that we are already 30 weeks into this pregnancy. Time has seriously flown by, and I know that will only continue to be the case, especially with the holidays coming. And, tomorrow is October, which means we only have a little over 2 more months until we get to meet this sweet girl! So crazy...I can hardly wait to hold her in my arms and love all over her. For now, I am just enjoying her while she is tucked safely inside of me, and I pray that she will continue to grow and develop for a little while longer.
30 weeks

Close up of our girl :)

She's growing pretty well in there, huh?!? Holy cow!
Something about the number 30 makes everything seem so close. It's the last set of 10 weeks to make it through, and at this point, 10 weeks seems like nothing. I know that there will be moments when I will feel like time is creeping by, but I really just want to relish these last 10 weeks of pregnancy. I have had such a wonderful pregnancy, and I am so thankful to have had this experience. Every moment has truly been a blessing, and even the not so glorious times have been such a reminder to me of how God works so intimately in our lives.

Because we only have 10 weeks left {!!!}, I am going to post my top 10 favorite things about being pregnant. I will post one each week with my last one being at 40 weeks! So, here goes...

#10 Listening to Chris talk to our baby girl--absolutely precious--and watching him fall in love with her more everyday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

fall picnic

One thing that Chris has incorporated into the life of our church is monthly service projects {we call them Salt 'n Light}. We have done different things each month, but last night was by far my favorite one so far. We went to an apartment complex in Rowlett {the only government subsidized housing in town} and had a fall picnic with the residents. The 20 people from our church brought pizza, sodas, water, and dessert. We put up chairs under the shade in one of the parking lots, and people began to trickle in. Before I knew it, about sixty residents were sitting with us, enjoying food and conversation. Everywhere I looked, people from our church were engaged in conversation with residents from the apartment, and everyone was smiling and seemed to be having a great time. It was such a beautiful reminder of what God calls us to be about and the places he wants us to go. None of the 20 people from Heritage had ever been to that apartment complex, and none of the 60 residents had ever stepped foot in our church. But, none of that mattered last night. We just shared a meal and sweet fellowship with one another--no matter what our life circumstances may be.

I was beyond blessed by our time there, and I believe that God showed up at an apartment complex in Rowlett, Tx last night!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome, Fall!

I know I've said this before, but I love fall! When it comes around, I am always convinced that fall is my favorite season. {really, fall and spring are tied...I don't really like the extremes quite as much!} It is clear that God knew what he was doing when he came up with seasons, and I find that the older I get, the more I appreciate his creativity and am reminded of his goodness!

There are several reasons I love fall, but here are my top 5:
1. Cooler weather!!! Can I get an amen??? What a blessing.
2. Deep, rich colors...I love the reds, oranges, greens, yellows, browns--so beautiful!
3. Getting back into a routine. School gets started, the crisp air is refreshing and rejuvenating, and something about fall always makes me want to be structured and on a schedule. I have definitely felt that this week, and I hope it will last at least for a little while.
4. The smells...pumpkin, cinammon, spices...yummy!!!
5. College football...I know, I know, it seems crazy, but I actually look forward to Saturdays and sitting down to watch a big game in the evenings {hopefully one including both the Sooners and the Aggies claiming a victory!}

To really get my fall spirit going, I decorated my house this week. So, here is my little house all decked out for the fall. I hope it brings a little smile to your face like it did mine.
my fall wreath...Mom and I made it last year, and I love it!

dining table

some cute little jack-o-laterns
{I don't decorate for "Halloween", so this is as close as it gets!}

breakfast table

our mantel

my favorite little group of pumpkins :)

the smell that is permeating my house these days
{by the way, this candle is amazing, and it only costs $5 at Wal-Mart. I used to think Yankee Candle had the market on fall candle, but this smells divine and is WAY cheaper. Go get won't regret it!}

Now that I've shared my love for fall, I want to know what my readers think. So, what do you like/love about fall?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

this and that

As seems to be a theme around our house, we have been BUSY! I will attempt to do a little catching up in this blog, but I promise that I will not try to include every detail.

But, before I get started, I need to give a special shout out to my dad because his birthday was on Sunday. Other than a sad loss by the Cowboys, I think he had a good day! For as long as I can remember, my dad has always been there for me. He definitely fits into the category of being completely wrapped around his little girl's finger {which wasn't always good for his firm decision making...I seemed to have a way of working around some of his rules :)}. We have always shared a special bond, and I am thankful for the faith that he passed on to me. He showed me what it means to work hard and be the spiritual leader of a family. That example lead me to finding a husband that would faithfully lead our home in the Lord. Thanks, Dad, for always supporting and encouraging me and being my #1 fan! I always know you are proud of me and that you love me. I hope you felt honored and celebrated on your special day. I love you!


Now on to what's been happening around the Fieldhouse... After a whirlwind trip to College Station {by way of Conroe, which is a whole other blog in itself. It will come soon.} on Friday, we enjoyed a lazy Saturday afternoon/evening but found ourselves packing again before going to bed on Saturday night. On Sunday after church and Chris's soccer game, the two of us headed to Abilene to go to Summit, which is a workshop for ministers that is hosted by ACU. We had a great time there! We got to stay with the Riggs, and they were wonderful hosts. We enjoyed lots of time visiting with them in the evenings and were blessed by their hospitality. We also got to see old friends and share conversation about where life is taking all of us. Reunions with friends are always so sweet! On top of that, we were able to be encouraged by great speakers. We took away some really important stuff that will be really beneficial to us and to our church family. Time to be rejuvenated is always such a blessing. We stayed in Abilene until Tuesday morning and then headed back home. Maybe the most exciting thing about our time there is the literal cool front that came in! I am LOVING the fall weather and the fact that my a/c has not run in 2 days, yet it is somehow still cooler in my house than it was last week.


Today, I put up my fall decorations and have been burning my pumpkin spice candles. I just love it. You can ask Chris--I start dreaming of putting it all up before August even ends, and I just make myself hold off until the middle of September. I love all the rich colors, and it reminds me that the holidays are just around the corner. And, with this cool weather, it makes it that much better!


In baby girl news, I am now 29 weeks pregnant. I am still feeling great, just getting a little more tired. I definitely noticed that my 6 1/2 month pregnant body does not handle traveling quite like my pre-pregnancy body! We were in the car for a total of about 16 hours from Friday-Tuesday, and I definitely felt it yesterday. Good thing I have the freedom to take naps! The other significant thing about this week is that my wedding rings are probably going to have to officially retire until after delivery. They had been getting a little tighter for a while, but my hands always swell a bit in the summer with all the heat. However, I think it is time to call it quits. I just don't want to force them on, have them get stuck, and then have to get them cut off. So, my rings will stay tucked safely away until after baby girl's arrival. Our sweet girl is getting more and more active these days. I love it, except when she moves continuously in the same place because it gets a little sore or when she moves a lot when I really have to go to the bathroom! No...I actually love those times too. It is just amazing to know that God created her, and we get to be part of it!
Now, finally, here are some pictures {only of the baby bump}
28 weeks

29 weeks {and, a small view of the nursery}

Thanks for sticking with me! We do not have any more trips planned until our baby shower in mid-October, so I will be around, making for fewer epic posts. I hope you have a great rest of the week and are enjoying the fall weather!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

birthday fun!

I love birthdays, and I love celebrating them. I love to spoil the people that mean so much to me and honoring them on their special day. So, of course, Chris's birthday is no exception. In fact, I could easily go way over the top to celebrate my love. However, Chris prefers a little more low-key celebration, so I am working on finding ways to honor that but still get in a good amount of spoilage :)

Since Chris's birthday was on Wednesday and we have church activities on Wednesday evenings, we went out for his birthday dinner on Tuesday night. It was the birthday boy's choice, and he picked PF Changs. {I definitely was NOT complaining!}

We enjoyed these delicious Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps as an appetizer, which is Chris's all time favorite vegetarian meal at a restaurant. You can tell that he is definitely enjoying them.

The next morning, I got this all set up on the dining room table for Chris to see when he got back from his run.

Chris really dislikes opening gifts, so for his birthday this year, I finally decided to leave his gift unwrapped. That was hard for me, but it was worth it because he really appreciated it.

I made my first ever carrot cake. I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. You just never know when you try a new recipe. I also decorated it and boy, was that interesting! I have decorated a few cakes before, and I always use the low-budget ziploc instead of buying real icing bags. Well, evidently, the baggies I had this time were WAY cheaper than normal because I think 5 of them busted as I was decorating. So, pardon the shaky writing :)

After the birthday boy blew out his candles, we enjoyed a nice carrot cake breakfast together :)

During the day, we took lunch to a lady from church and enjoyed a great visit with her and then got to relax and enjoy a lazy, rainy afternoon together. And, to top it all off, the folks from church surprised Chris with some fantastic cupcakes and singing at our Conversation Cafe that evening.

All in all, it was a great day, and I really just love spoiling my man! I think he enjoyed his birthday, but I know he can already hardly wait until next year when his daughter will be here to celebrate with him!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

happy birthday lovey!

Today is Chris's birthday, and I am so thankful that he made his debut in this world 27 years ago. Being pregnant has given me a whole new outlook on birth days and how intricately we were all created and formed by our Maker. I am so thankful that God created Chris just the way he did with all his giftedness and passions, and I am beyond thankful that Chris has allowed the Lord to mature and grow him into a man of great love, compassion, and humility. I am beyond blessed to be married to such an amazing man, and I absolutely cannot wait to watch him be a daddy to our baby girl in about 2 1/2 months.
Us at his early birthday dinner last night{More on that, and other birthday festivities, coming later}

In honor of his 27th birthday, here are 27 things I love about Chris. {You don't have to read any further if you don't like super sweet, mushy sentiments :)}
1. His smile and the way it still gives me butterflies
2. His insatiable love for people
3. His ability to make up a song, on the spot, about anything at all
4. The way he knows what I need even when I don’t
5. His gift for speaking--I love listening to him preach every single Sunday!
6. His desire to live simply
7. His sensitive and compassionate heart for the least of these in the world
8. The passionate and driven way in which he lives--he doesn’t know how to do anything halfway and mediocrity is never an option
9. His endless compliments of me and my growing pregnant self
10. Listening to him talk to his daughter in my belly
11. When he calls us “his girls”…I’ve never been more proud of a title in my life!
12. How every single one of my former students at Kemp asked “where’s Mr. Chris?” when I came to visit and were sincerely sad that he wasn’t there
13. How he loves to sing anytime meaning we get to sing together a lot {sweetest worship times}
14. His willingness to work hard for our family, so I can stay home and raise our children
15. The way he loves and honors his Momma
16. His ability to make people laugh with his clever one-liners
17. His storytelling…no one tells a story quite like he does
18. The way we never run out of things to say
19. The way he looks at me that still melts my heart, 9 years later!
20. Listening to him pray for our sweet baby girl
21. Sharing in ministry with him and watching him serve people
22. His big hugs
23. How just his presence makes me always feel safe, comfortable, and valued
24. His commitment to continued education if it will make him a better minister, even when he doesn’t really feel like being in school
25. His patience with me when I am having one of my “moments” and how he can almost always calm me down
26. His love for children and his uncanny ability to make them love him back--instantly
27. The ways in which I see Jesus in him every single day and begin to understand him more because of his heart and life

Happy Birthday, love! Thanks for living in such a meaningful and intentional way and for making my world a better place every single day!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1st-check... 2nd-check... 3rd-here we go!

At 28 weeks, I am officially in the third trimester. I have felt really great during the second trimester, and I am hoping that continues at least a little bit into this one. The only difficulties I have had are some mild back pain {it only happens when I sit for too long} and sometimes it's hard to catch my breath after talking too much. So, really, it's been great, and I am so blessed!

We went to see Dr. G. yesterday and had a great appointment again. I had to get my finger pricked {for the first time ever...ouch!} to check my iron levels, asked lots of questions and got some great answers, heard baby's heartbeat, and found out that I am measuring a little bit big. Because I am measuring a little big, Dr. G. ordered a sonogram to start tracking this baby's growth and see if we can figure out just how big this girl of ours is. Of course, Chris and I were eager to accept this proposal of seeing her again. So, today we went and took another peek at our girl. It is amazing just how much they grow in a short period of time. Everything still looks perfect, and she is definitely a girl! We got to see her open and close her eyes, yawn, and try to get her sweet little hands and feet in her mouth :) After all the measurements, she is about 2 lbs. 12 oz. right now {about the 65%} and may just be a tall girl. She obviously did not get that from me! So, we are just thankful that she's not too big and that she is growing and developing just right. We are blessed! Here's a little glimpse of our baby girl {I know it's hard to see, but if you look close, her little hand and her foot are up there by her head :)}

Monday, September 14, 2009

rainy weekend...and some visitors!

We were excited to host Chris's parents and sister over the weekend! They had not been up here since Easter, so it was fun to get to show them around our house {which was far from finished in mid-April}. They got here on Saturday right at lunch time and left on Sunday afternoon. Chris's birthday is on Wednesday, so it was perfect timing for a little celebration. We enjoyed a yummy dinner {Pei Wei...birthday boy's choice}, a delicious cake {thanks, Holly!}, and lots of great conversation. We are so blessed to have family that love and support us and that are so easy to be with. We really do love both of our families!

They also got to join us for church on Sunday which is always a blessing. We love getting to share that sweet time with our family. We were sad to see them go but so glad they got to come and visit. We love you guys and can't wait for you to come again for sweet pea's arrival! Wrigley had a great time, too. He's been resting up for the next visit ever since they left :)

On another note, I have been loving the rain! Don't get me wrong, after a while, all the dreary weather makes me long for sunshine again. But, it's been a long time since we've had days of clouds, cool temperatures, and rain. Come on, fall! I am ready for you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

absolutely delicious

This is a first for my blog. I am posting a recipe, and I hope you will get as much satisfaction out of it as we have. I always love finding a good recipe, and this one definitely fits the bill!

We first experienced this delicious, yummy dinner at Chris's Grandmama and Grandaddy's house several months ago. I got the recipe then but stashed it away and kind of forgot about it. When we were having some people over on Tuesday night, I decided to try something new {I know, I'm brave}, and this was what I picked. Oh.My.Goodness!!! It is absolutely amazing. Seriously. We LOVED it! It is definitely worth a try!

Cheese Manicotti
8 oz. package of manicotti shells
1 egg
8 oz. ricotta cheese
8 oz. cream cheese
1 cup shredded mozarella cheese (divided into 2-1/2 cup portions...I use a little more)
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
2 tbsp. dried parsley
1/2 tsp. dried oregano
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. onion powder
2 cups tomato sauce

1. Boil water and cook manicotti shells until tender but firm. Drain and cool in a single layer on a foil lined cookie sheet.
2. Preheat oven to 350.
3. Mix egg, cheeses, and spices together in large mixing bowl.
4. Grease a 9x13 baking dish and cover bottom with thin layer of tomato sauce.
5. Spoon cheese filling into manicotti shells (about 2 heaping tbsp. per shell).
6. Arrange stuffed shells in baking dish. Cover with remaining tomato sauce. Sprinkle with mozarella cheese.
7. Bake covered for 15 minutes. Uncover and bake an additional 10-15 minutes, or until cheese is bubbly and browning.
8. Remove from oven, serve, and ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 months and counting!

Yesterday was September 8. While that may not mean much to some of you, in the Fieldhouse it means 3 MONTHS until baby girl's due date!!! Holy cow! Where did the time go??? And, I only have one more week left in the second trimester. I knew it would go fast but couldn't have imagined that the time would go this fast! I just continue my prayer that the Lord would protect our sweet girl inside of me until it is safe for her to enter the world {in 3 months!!} and that he would continue to perform thousands of miracles everyday to help her grow and develop just like she is supposed to. And, I pray that my body will continue to handle everything well and react the way it needs to in order to ensure that she will stay put! You are more than welcome to join Chris and I in that prayer.

So, here we are at 27 weeks. I still think it is a little surreal to be pregnant and that a little life is forming inside of ME. It is pretty crazy if you really stop to think about it. This week, our little lovey weighs over 2 pounds and is about 15 inches from head to toe. I am feeling her move a whole lot these days and have even gotten to feel her get the sweet! For some reason, I have had a renewed sense of needing to be healthy in the past few days. Maybe it's because one of the hardest parts of being pregnant for me has been watching the numbers on the scale go up up up! Now, I've never been one of those girls that is always on a diet or exercises compulsively {or ever!}, but it is really weird to know that I am supposed to be gaining weight. In fact, I cannot do anything about it. Some days it is just hard to wrap my mind around that, but when I feel my sweet girl move, I know it's worth it. But, I have kind of allowed myself to eat too much junk as of lately, so I am trying to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and let go of my semi-regular ice cream ritual {so sad} at least for a while. Not only will this help me feel better but it is also the best thing for our little lady.

I hope it doesn't seem like I am complaining because really, I'm not. I am more than okay with my growing belly and am head over heels in love with the girl inside. It's just a new experience for me. You can rest assured, I have LOVED being pregnant and smack dab in the middle of a miracle. It is truly a blessing. God is good!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

all things baby... oh, and college football!!!

Chris and I started and completed our baby registry this week. Let me tell you, it was a little bit overwhelming! Thankfully, we were armed with a great resource--Baby Bargains by Denise & Alan Fields. Seriously, this book was a lifesaver on lots of purchases. It gives reviews on pretty much any baby item and in almost every brand available. The point is to let the first-time {or second or third, I suppose} parent know what is worth your money and what isn't. For these two first-time parents, it was awesome! So, after we did our research on the "big" items, we set off to get it all done.

And, get it done, we did! Chris definitely enjoyed his time with the scanner gun, {particularly when I asked him to take a picture} and we enjoyed getting prepared for our little lady. After we finished on Friday, we rewarded ourselves with a fun lunch at Flying Fish...yummy!!! We then came home with full stomachs and decided a nap was in order...all the makings of a great day!

Getting all the stuff picked out for our sweet girl makes the whole thing more and more real. To think that we will actually tote her around in the carseat, take walks with her in the stroller, and let her rest in the little swing...ahhh!!! And, the stuff isn't even in my possession yet. I think I am just a little crazy over this girl already! It has also made me want to go into overdrive mode to get the nursery in order. I even made a trip to Hobby Lobby this week to get a few things, and Chris and I picked up a bookshelf today that is already in her room. I promise to post pictures of the nursery soon!!!

Now, to completely change the subject, one of the many exciting things about fall is here...COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! Now, I know there are some girls out there that do not particularly enjoy this sort of thing, but I can honestly say that I enjoy it almost as much as my husband. I am an Oklahoma Sooner at heart and always will be, but I thoroughly enjoy a good Aggie game {and hopefully a win!}. Chris and I have enjoyed lots of fun through our football seasons together.
Us at our first game as a married couple at Kyle Field

We love to watch the games together and have been blessed to go to our fair share of games at Kyle Field. We are not in a college town this football season, and while I definitely miss the buzz, I am okay with watching the games from the comfort of my couch. You can bet that we have all the makings for some great nachos, and the brownies are in the oven {smelling absolutely delicious} with vanilla ice cream in the freezer to top it off! What a great way to kick off the season. Boomer Sooner and Gig 'Em Aggies!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

September is a busy birthday month around my house--my mom, my husband, my dad, my brother-in-law, and several good friends. It's fun though, and I really enjoying celebrating each person.

Today is my Momma's birthday, and I cannot think of anyone that deserves a more special day.

Today is the day that God chose for my Momma to enter this world, and I truly believe that she has made the world around her a better place. She endured a lot as a child, but she has never allowed that to hinder her ability to love everyone she meets or to alter her positive outlook on life. She is the most patient person I know and has never met a stranger in her life. She knows how to make people comfortable around her and makes each person feel like they are the most important one in the room to her. She is kind and compassionate, and the best Momma ever. She was an incredible example, and I am so thankful for her loving, servant heart. So, happy birthday, Momma! Today, I celebrate you. I am so thankful that God created you just the way he did and that he made you my Momma. I love you!

Here is my 26 week belly. Not the greatest picture, but that's okay.

I am feeling good, and baby girl is really on the move these days. Lots of things going on, but we are having fun!