Thursday, June 14, 2012

potty training

After we got back from our cruise, I decided it was time to get busy with potty training Micah.  We bought her a little potty months and months before, and she would use it every once in a while.  She was definitely interested, but I had never pushed it with her because I just wasn't quite ready.
However, I decided not to delay the process any longer, so the afternoon that we got home, Micah and I headed to Target to pick some big girl panties, and the winners were Dora and princess panties.  She was so excited about them, wanted to wear them immediately, and even slept in a pair over her diaper.
I will admit that I wasn't super pumped about the whole idea, but I knew that Micah was ready and able.  We just planned to stay home for the first few days of the week.  I pulled Micah's potty chair into the living room, and we spent lots of time watching Dora, Diego, and Bubble Guppies while trying to potty every 15-20 minutes.  She got one M&M or gummy bear for every time she went tee-tee in the potty and a big treat for going poo-poo {The poo was rough, people.  I am not cut out for cleaning poo out of panties.  Enough said.}
We had a few accidents, but once it clicked, she never looked back.
Seriously, Micah was a total rockstar.
She is still in diapers at nap and nighttime, but I have a feeling she will be ready to be done with that very soon.  I just love my alone time and sleep too much to let that go just yet :)  Like I said, she was way more ready than I was/am!
She is just getting bigger by the day.  I sure love seeing her cute hiney in those panties.

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lindsey said...

I feel like a slacker of a sister/LeeLee because I haven't been commenting on your blog!! I love these sweet pics of baby (...big girl) love, and I can't wait to see all of you tomorrow. xoxoxo