Monday, September 26, 2011

September {in pictures}

I cannot believe that September is almost over.
It flew by, and we were pretty busy.
Here's a little taste of what the Field House was up to.
Eating lots of yummy dessert 
 Celebrating Mimi's birthday
 Sleeping in lots of family members' arms
Finding our fists when the pacifier disappears
 Earning stickers for listening and obeying...
...and loving the cookie that we get when we complete a whole chart!
Playing with silly bands and tutus
Taking our first real baths and actually kind of liking it
 {I know, I know, he inherited sister's pink bathtub}
 Celebrating daddy's birthday
 Playing disc golf on our birthday date
 Eating some yummy corn on the cob
 Celebrating Pappy's birthday
 Falling asleep during tummy time
 Pulling crazy stunts
Showing off our strong neck
Figuring out how to coo and smile
It's been a fun and busy month!
We are ready for fall!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

embrace the camera

Today's embrace the camera captures so many of the things I love about my life right now.
These are from a morning snuggle session.
My biggest baby is holding my itty baby.
Both are in my lap.
 We are still in our jammies.
I don't have on make-up and haven't fixed my hair.
But, they don't know the difference.
Love these moments.

I love how her little hand is on his head.
So sweet.

{Go here to embrace the camera.}

Sunday, September 18, 2011

one month

{Beckett turned one month old on September 16, which was also Chris's birthday!  This letter is only a couple of days late, and the pictures were taken on his actual month birthday.  Hopefully, I will be able to stay on top of these letters each month.  Crossing my fingers!}

Beckett Lucas,

It's hard to believe that I first held you in my arms one month ago.  In that moment, my world was rocked once again.  I instantly loved you the moment I laid eyes on you, and that love has only grown in the past month as I've begun to know the little man you are.

You are such a joy and my sweet little angel baby.  You rarely cry and hardly ever fuss.  The only times you voice your opinion are when you need some help going to sleep or are past ready to eat.  And, even then, you cry for about 10 seconds.  You are so easy to soothe when you cry, and you love to snuggle when you go to sleep.  I love that about you.

You are doing great with your sleeping both during the day and at night.  You sleep at least half an hour between each feeding during the day and always have two really good stretches of sleep.  One of these just happens to generally be during Micah's nap, which is such a gift for your momma.  You sleep pretty well if we put you down but only if you are sound asleep.  If not, you will wake right up and ask to be held again :)  You love to sleep in your swing, and that is where you sleep at night.  You typically sleep one 4-5 hour stretch at night followed by two 3 hour stretches.  Such a blessing that you are an incredible nighttime sleeper, Beckett!  I only swaddle you at night, and it definitely seems to help.

You are an excellent eater, just like your big sister.  We have never had any problems with nursing from the beginning.  You eat about every 2 hours during the day, but I think you are about to start stretching that to 2.5-3 hours.  You have taken a few bottles already with no problem!  You are gaining weight like a champ too, and you already weigh just over 11 pounds.  You are growing out of most of your newborn clothes and are mostly in 0-3 month outfits, and you wear size 1 diapers.
You don't just love your pacifier but will take it to help you fall asleep sometimes during the day.  At night, you never use it to sleep which is nice because we don't have to replace every time you lose it to keep you asleep!  You are a grunter deluxe, Mr. B.  You do this all the time, and I think some of it has to do with how gassy you are.  You have so much gas it's unbelievable.  It never really bothered you at first, but I think it's beginning to cause you a little discomfort.  You have cooed a few times and are trying really hard to give us a smile.  I can't wait!  One funny thing that I want to remember about you right now is how you are losing your hair.  You started losing it at your hairline on your forehead, and it has just slowly crept backwards.  You look like a little old man...a handsome little old man :)

Beckett, you are such a peaceful baby and a precious little boy.  I am just in awe of the gift that is you.  The Lord has blessed your daddy and me abundantly, and we are so thankful for you.  You bring us so much happiness and joy already, and we cannot wait to see your sweet personality continue to develop in the coming months.  We pray for you each night, sweet son, and we pray you will have a heart for Jesus.  I love being your momma.  Happy one month, Beckett Lucas!

I love you, to the moon and back!
Your Momma

Friday, September 16, 2011

celebrating 29 years

Today is my husband's birthday. We have had a fun day of celebrating our favorite Daddy around here. But, more than the gifts, cake, yummy food, and fun times, the thing I love about this day is the man we honor. He is my perfect companion, best friend, and the most amazing Daddy to our kids.
Tonight I will go to bed with a thankful heart. Thankful for a husband that loves me the way he does and is always going out of his way to serve me.  Thankful for a father whose children adore him and will never doubt for one second that he adores them right back.  Thankful for a life partner who teaches me about Jesus on a daily basis.  I am so thankful.
Happy Birthday, Christopher! I love you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

sneak peek

We had Beckett's newborn pictures taken about 3 weeks ago by an amazing photographer in town (Sarah Giles at Butterfly Chaser Photography...HIGHLY recommend her!!!). She posted this picture from the shoot on her Facebook page.

I am in love. I cannot wait to see the rest of them. Newborns are so photogenic :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

twenty one months

Micah Elisabeth,

It seems almost impossible that the next letter I write to you will be when you are two years old.  I am not quite sure when my baby became a big girl, but it has happened.  As much as I miss some of those sweet baby days with you, I adore every bit of the big girl you are becoming.  You steal my heart over and over with every passing day, and I am so proud to be your momma.

Your vocabulary has just blown up in the past few months.  You are saying new things daily, and I couldn't possibly keep up with it all.  I am constantly surprised by what you can say and understand, and your daddy and I are not quite sure where you have learned all of it!  One of my favorite things you do is use "too" correctly.  It cracks me up!  If I tell you we are going to see Mimi, you will say, "Pappy, too?" You can also count to 12 out of nowhere.  I definitely did not teach you this and neither did your daddy.  Maybe Elmo did???  You talk all the time, and I love sitting in your playroom with you and hearing you begin to have those pretend conversations with your toys.  Love seeing that sweet imagination.  If you start getting fussy in the car, all we have to do is strike up a conversation with you, and you are immediately engaged.  You definitely got the talking gene from your daddy!

You have become more interested in music and television.  The first one I like but the second not as much. You love to listen to songs on my phone and even request your favorites.  You love to listen to "Micah's song" {So Are You to Me} which is the song I've sung to you every night since you were a baby.  I surely teared up the first time you froze when it came on and said "Micah's song." You also love to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle" with us.  We love it!  Not only could you listen to music for a long time, I think you could sit in front of the TV all day now.  This kind of makes me sad.  You used to only watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Elmo, but you will now watch almost any cartoon that comes on.  Please don't lose your desire to play, sweet girl!  The TV stays on much less now than it used to!

You still love to play with your babies, and I think this has picked up since we brought your brother home.  You almost always have a baby in one arm no matter what you are playing.  You love to take your baby on walks in your stroller, feed her in the highchair, and sleep with her at night.  The newest thing you are doing with your baby is getting a "pillow," putting it on your lap, and feeding her a bottle just like I do with brother.  It is pretty precious.  You still love to color and are getting better and better at it.  You can name all your colors, and you like to tell us what each color is.  You also really like to have momma and daddy draw all kinds of things for you.

You are such a social little girl.  You love to play with friends and are always asking about your friends and what they are doing.  You also love our family, and you get so excited anytime they come over to visit or we go to visit them.  It makes me so happy to see your sweet smile when we tell you where we are going or when you run out on the sidewalk to greet family when they arrive.  You also love to play with your cousin, Cade, and will kind of ignore anyone else when he is around.  I hope you never lose your love for others.  It is one of my favorite qualities of yours.

Food and sleep are still two things at which you excel.  You will eat almost anything and especially love fruit and dessert.  We are working on limiting your sweets intake :)  You have really expanded your vegetable repertoire, and your newest addition is tomatoes.  This was a pleasant surprise!  Your ability to sleep through the night regardless of the circumstances has definitely spoiled your daddy and me.  I hope you pass some of that on to your little brother!

My favorite thing that has happened to you in the past three months is that you became a big sister.  You are one great big sister.  You absolutely love your brother.  He is the first person you ask about in the morning, and you love to give him kisses and hugs all day long.  You always want to know exactly where he is, and anytime he cries, you tell him "okay, brother" in a sweet little sympathetic voice.  You have certainly had your moments where you want momma's or daddy's attention when we are taking care of Beckett, but I know that God is shaping your heart to be the perfect oldest sibling for our family.  I cannot wait to see the friendship that will form between you and your brother.  I am blessed to be able to watch that unfold.

Micah, you have become a daddy's girl.  It melts my heart.  You have him wrapped tightly around your little finger, and I don't think he would have it any other way.  We are so thankful for the joy you bring to us and the light you bring to our home.  We cannot imagine life without you because you make it so much better.  I love your spunk and passion for life and pray that you never lose your joy, love, and compassion but use it to serve God and His people all of your life.  Thank you for making me smile and life every single day.  We are so thankful to be your parents, Micah girl!

I love you, to the moon and back!
Your Momma

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love/hate relationship

Sometimes blogger and I have a love/hate relationship. Right now, I am closer to the dislike part. I have blogs to post with some cutie pie pictures, but I have apparently used all of my available photo storage. And, I am cheap, so I am searching for ways around purchasing more storage.

However, the posts and pictures will get posted...soon. So stay tuned...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

gig 'em

We are ready for the first Aggie football game of the season at the Fieldhouse.
The kids are decked out in Aggie gear and looking mighty cute.
This was the best picture I could get of them together.  One certain 21 month old thought it would be funny not to cooperate and instead act silly.  Another certain 2 1/2 week old would rather sleep.
I still think it turned out cute, and it's their first game day together.
We are hoping for a great season for both of the teams we support in this house. We love us some football!
Boomer Sooner!  Gig 'Em Aggies!