Tuesday, June 29, 2010

she's on the move!!!

This is a little late, but Micah has been on the move for quite a while now.

It started as mostly rolling and reaching for toys.

Then, she got up the nerve to try and scoot, which helped her to figure out that she could get up on her knees.

With this newly acquired skill, she began getting up on all fours and moving from one place to another. She was successful but not very efficient.

She started combining scooting and "crawling" to get to whatever it is she wants. And, she would definitely get there! Sometimes, she even got up on her toes to try to speed up the process {and still does}.

Finally, as of Monday morning, our Micah Elisabeth is crawling!!! AHHHHH!!! She doesn't always remember exactly how to do it, but she looks oh so precious when she gets it. I know, I know I'm in trouble with a mobile little one. But, I love her to death, and I pretty much think everything she does is wonderful {I said pretty much everything :)}! Here's our little crawling beauty. {Please ignore our crazy voices.}

I still can't believe my little baby is on the move. And, she's trying to pull up! Oh my goodness, I'm about to have my hands full!!!

sweet slumber

After 6 1/2 months of enduring interrupted sleep, we decided to make a change.  When Micah was about 2 months old, she was SOOOO close to sleeping through the night.  She would eat around 8:30pm or 9:00pm and then sleep until about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning.  It was bliss, and I was so proud of my girl.  But then, something snapped, and around her 3 month birthday, she started waking up twice every night.  I thought maybe it was because of daylight savings time, but it never got better.  So, we have been getting up twice each night to feed and rock her back to sleep.  As much as I loved those sweet, quiet times with my baby girl, it was wearing me out!!!  Not to mention the fact that our pediatrician told us at her 6 month appointment that she could definitely go 12 hours without needing to eat.  What?!?!   Chris and I had already been contemplating sleep training, and after discussing it some with Dr. S, we decided that we needed to go ahead and get started on that.

I had purchased a book called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth, {which I would HIGHLY recommend!} and we chose to go with the sleep training method he describes as most effective in his book.  This method is called "extinction" and seems pretty harsh.  Basically, you put your baby down for the night, and you don't go back in AT.ALL.  No exceptions, other than sickness.  People told lots of success stories in his book, and Chris and I just felt like that, given Micah's personality, it would be best for us not to be in and out of her room.   I was honestly pretty nervous about starting because I never thought I would be a mom who would let her child just cry, but I truly believed that it would be best for Micah and for us. 


So, last Sunday night {Father's Day}, we started.  We put her down at 7:50pm, awake, left the room, turned on our video monitor, and waited.  For 10 minutes, she just talked to herself in her crib, and then the crying began.  We were certain that we were doomed.  The crying lasted for all of 12 minutes, and then she was out.   Completely asleep.  I could not believe it!  I kept checking the monitor to be sure that she wasn't moving around, but it confirmed that she had put herself to sleep.  Still too good to be true, I figured the night would be awful.  She woke up at her usual times, but she cried for less than 10 minutes each time and went back to sleep.  WHAT IN THE WORLD???  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, she only woke up once in the night and would cry for less than 5 minutes each time while adjusting and trying to get comfortable to go back to sleep.  I was still waiting for the cookie to crumble.  On Friday night, it happened.  Not the crumbling of the cookie, but she slept ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  12 hours.  No waking.  No crying.  Just peaceful sleep.  Then, she did it again on Saturday night and Sunday night.  She's amazing.


Seriously, this sleep training thing turned out better than I could have ever dreamed.  Not only has it been great for me {I had totally forgotten what it felt like not to get up multiple times each night} but it has been wonderful for Micah.  Her naps have improved, and her personality has become even more pleasant.  She just wasn't getting the sleep she needed.  I am so thankful that Chris and I listened to our instincts on what was best for Micah and didn't let our desire to not hear her cry win out.  This was what she needed!!! I am also grateful that God is so faithful in providing us with the wisdom we need to be the best parents for Micah. Honestly, we wouldn't be successful without His guidance and provision. God is good!  And, this is how she feels about all of it :)


Take it from me, it works!  We are ALL happier because we are more rested.  And, Micah is a rock star!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

four weeks

Four weeks from today, a group of us heads to Ghana for 8 days to love on some precious kiddos. I am really, really excited to make this trip! It will be my first international mission trip, and I am already pretty invested in the sweet kids over there from our work with our nonprofit, Mercy Project. I can't wait to meet the rescued children, hold their hands, and hang out with them. We have lots of fun activities planned for the week, and I know that being in Ghana with these kids that we have dreamed about and prayed for will be beyond my expectations.

I am also pumped about the people going with us, and I am looking forward to serving together. I also know that I will fall even more madly in love with my husband while we are there. That always seems to happen when I watch him serve and do things when he is completely in his element! I am so thrilled to watch him do what he does best...love and serve with reckless abandon. I am just glad I actually get to be there with him this time!

I really am so ready to see these faces and hold these precious kiddos...

But, I am really, REALLY going to miss this face and holding this sweet pea...

I honestly haven't been able to think too much about it the past week or so because I get a little emotional. I literally spend almost every moment of Micah's waking hours with her, and I cannot imagine what it will be like not to see her sweet face, kiss her, hold her, or rock her for 8 whole days!!! She will be in great hands with her grandparents, I know that, but I sure will miss her like crazy. But, I am thankful to be creating a great legacy of faithfulness, service, and radical love for her. Even when it's not the easiest or most comfortable decision, I want her to know that her daddy and I will always put following the Lord first and will do everything we can to model the way of Christ for her and the rest of our family. I believe that starts now, with this trip to Ghana, and I can't wait to take her with us someday!

Four weeks...ahhhhh!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day!

Fathers play such an important role in the lives of their children. I think it has often been underestimated just how huge of an impact a dad has. I am beyond thankful that I have been blessed with many fantastic examples of fathers in my life, and today is a day to celebrate them. I love it!

I grew up with an incredible dad. He worked very hard to provide for our family, not just physically but spiritually and emotionally as well. I am certain that I truly never appreciated all that he sacrficed to make sure that my mom could stay home with us and be available for everything we needed. Despite all the hours that he worked, I also knew that he would always make it to every single activity in which my sister and I participated. To my dad, thank you for working so hard to ensure that we always had food on the table, clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads, and never lacked for anything we needed. Thank you for continuing the legacy of faith that was passed on to you and will be passed on to my children. Thank you for the ways you always supported me and continue to do so. Thank you for your encouragement, motivation to be the very best I can be, and your constant love. It has been a true joy to watch you be a Pappy to my daughter. I love you!

I also have a wonderful father in law. To Larry, thank you for the ways you taught your son to love me and our daughter so selflessly. I am truly beyond grateful for the incredible example Chris saw in you of a loving, respectful husband. Thank you for the ways you worked hard for your family and supported Chris in everything that he has done and continues to do. I am glad that Micah has such a great Pops!

Now, to my sweet, sweet husband. Wow! Micah and I are beyond blessed by you. You are an even greater father than I could have ever imagined you to be. I love the ways you make Micah smile and laugh even when she's in he middle of a screaming fit! No one can do that quite like you can. I love the ways you both light up when you see each other, and I cannot wait to watch that bond continue to grow between the two of you. But, even more than watching you love on our baby girl, I am so thankful for the wonderful example of Jesus that she will see in you every day as she grows up. Your selflessness, not only with our little family but with the world around you, is nothing short of amazing. Your love for the least of these in our world exudes Christ, and I know that God smiles when he watches you in action with His children. Micah and our future children will learn so much Jesus from walking life with you. Thank you for already being the kind of dad that will leave an eternal impression on our children. Thank you for sacrificing yourself not only for us but for the world that so desperately needs Jesus. You are truly amazing, Chris Field, and I am so thankful that you chose me to be the momma to your children. I love you more than you could ever know, and so does your baby girl.
On December 2, 2009, you became a daddy.

I already knew you were one special guy, but I had no idea how much that would multiply in the past six and a half months. Happy Father's Day, love!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a wonderful weekend

We just had the most wonderful weekend! We spent lots of time as a little family of three and enjoyed some fun stuff together. Even though I always enjoy lazy weekends with my loves, this weekend was probably one of my favorites. We started it off on Friday morning with Micah's 6 month appointment. Dr. S told us that Micah looks just perfect, which always puts a big ole smile on my face. We got her stats, and she got 3 shots {NOT the highlight of the weekend}. Here are Micah's 6 month stats: weight - 18 lbs., 11 oz {90%}, length - 26 in. {60%}, head - 42 cm {25-50%}. She's still our chunky monkey, and I LOVE every single roll on that sweet little body! I will be sad when they start to go away some day. So, the shots were pretty yucky, of course, and she did the whole silent, hold my breath, wait for it scream/cry thing. So pitiful. But, that only lasted a minute or two. She did run a little fever with the shots but was in good spirits for the most part.

Friday evening, we used the grill for the first time this summer and made us a yummy dinner of sausage, corn on the cob, and asparagus. DELISH!!! Thanks to my sweet hubby for grilling our food to perfection. My mouth is watering just thinking of this deliciousness...

Chris finally got a jogging stroller because Micah is finally old enough to go with him. So, on Saturday morning, Chris took Micah on her first run. I don't know which of them had a better time. Chris was pretty much giddy all evening on Friday and couldn't wait to take his little girl for some special time together. Micah enjoyed herself, and she even managed to sneak in a little nap. I slept their run away and enjoyed every moment of it! I love watching my favorites spend time together!

After the run, we took Micah to a neighborhood swimming pool for her very first swim. She was a huge fan! We already knew that she loved bath time, so we hoped that would translate into loving the pool. She is a lover of all things water! This girl was in heaven. We stayed for a while, and she smiled almost the whole time! We took quite a few pictures of her loving it, and I couldn't decided which one to post. So, here are a few :)

So much fun! We can't wait to take her back.

We went to a wedding on Saturday afternoon, which was Micah's 2nd wedding. The first one was in February, and Chris was officiating. However, Micah did not get to join in on the festivities because she preferred to just scream and cry in the hallways of the hotel. Nice. I am glad to reveal that this wedding was much better for Miss Micah, and she didn't make a peep. Good girl!

The rest of Saturday and Sunday were spent relaxing as a family, going on walks, shopping for some gifts, and loving being together. I honestly was not ready to see the weekend go. I loved our wonderful weekend and look forward to many more!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

six months...half birthday

{The lack of smiles in these pictures is due to the fact that Micah is much more interested in exploring her world than smiling for pictures. Go figure :) }

My sweet Micah,

You are six months old today, your half birthday. I truly cannot believe it's been half of a year since I first saw your beautiful face and held you in my arms. The first moment I laid eyes on you was truly amazing. It was unbelievable to think that you were mine and that God had trusted me and your Daddy with your sweet little life. Today has been full of reflection for your Momma, and over and over again, I am reminded just how blessed I am. You are so precious, and the last six months with you have been the most fulfilling in my life.

You have changed a lot this month and are starting to do lots of new and exciting things. You are sitting up like a pro these days. It's amazing how quickly you went from sitting for about 30 seconds to being able to balance on your own for as long as you want. You look like such a big girl when you sit all by yourself. In the past week or so, you have decided that sitting in one place for very long is not quite as fun as it used to be, and you want to start moving! You have started leaning forward until you fall on your tummy, and then you will either roll or scoot to get to what you want. It's crazy to sit you on your blanket and come back 2 minutes later to find you about 2 feet away! I have a feeling you will be crawling before I know it. You are very interested in your toys {and everything else around you} and will do whatever you can to get to them. I love watching you grow and develop and am so thankful for how healthy you are, even if you are growing up :)

This month you tried your very first food that you liked. You have eaten butternut squash, sweet peas, and sweet potatoes. You were not a fan of the squash, and you let us know this by never opening your mouth for a bite! Since it was the first food you tried, I wasn't sure if you truly didn't like it or if you just hadn't quite mastered the whole spoon to open mouth thing. However, when we gave you your first bite of those sweet peas, you discovered a whole new world. And, the sweet potatoes are your very favorite! You can't get your mouth open fast enough, and you make this little grunting noise to let us know you are ready for me. I haven't decided how cute that is yet :) You have also graduated from eating in the bumbo to your high chair. You were WAY too close to coming right out of that bumbo, so we figured it was time. I think you like sitting at the table with us, and we love watching you try your food and love it!

You went on your first plane ride and first trip out of state this month too. Our little family took a trip to Malibu for the Pepperdine Lectures, and you got to go to the beach for the first time. I think you liked it. You loved watching the surfers, and you are pretty much a big fan of water in general. Nothing calms you down or makes you happy like a bath! We had a great time in California, and I think it's a pretty cool place to claim as your first trip to another state. You also went to your first professional baseball game...Chicago Cubs at Texas Rangers. It was a beautiful evening, and the Rangers pulled out a win.

While we were at Pepperdine, you morphed into an amazing napper! I seriously couldn't believe that you slept for an hour and a half straight while not in my arms but laying all by yourself on the bed. I was pumped and hoped that it would carry over once we got home. This month, you have not disappointed me with your naps. You nap three times a day and always in your crib! You take one morning nap and two afternoon naps. The length of your naps are not consistent but can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Even though it's not predictable, I am so thankful that you sleep so well in your crib now. You also sleep in your crib every night, but unfortunately, you still wake up 1-2 times each night. You always eat and then go back to sleep immediately, which is nice, but we are about to start a little sleep training to help you sleep better and through the night. I absolutely LOVE coming in to get you when you wake up in the morning or from your naps. You are always just talking to yourself so sweetly and get a huge grin on your face the moment you see me! Be still my heart.

Your little personality is emerging more every single day, and I am totally in love with it! You make some of the goofiest little faces, and I love when you stick out your tongue as you smile at me and your Daddy. Your Daddy knows all of your sweet giggle spots, and he can sure get you going! It is so precious when he really gets you laughing hard, and I know he is in heaven. I love hearing your sweet little voice and how you discovered that you can make a gurgling sound with the spit in your mouth! I even think it's pretty cute, and kind of funny, that you often blow raspberries when you cry really hard. You definitely keep me on my toes and make me smile a million times a day.

My sweet girl, you are more than I could have ever imagined in a daughter. I am hopelessly smitten by you, and I treasure each day I get to spend with you. These first six months of your life have been incredible, and your Daddy and I are so blessed that God allowed us to be your parents. Just as we pray every night for you, my deepest hope for you is that you will "always act justly, learn to love mercy, and always walk closely with the Lord." (Micah 6:8). Happy half birthday, Micah Elisabeth!

I love you to the moon and back!
Your Momma