Thursday, July 18, 2013

He Is Coming Home.

It feels really surreal and strange to speak (and type) these words, but Famous will be here, in this home, in 5 days.
I've longed to type those words for 11 months, and now it is finally here.
I am awestruck at the faithfulness of the Lord.
I wrote this post two and a half months ago, and I could not have fathomed the way the Lord will so directly answer our pleas.
He has, in every possible direction, made a way.
We got the paperwork we needed as well as 2 family members from each of Famous's parents plus the chief of the village where they died to a village many hours away in a matter of days.
We submitted those additional affidavits and got an approval in a matter of weeks.
We got a visa interview appointment on the exact day we needed it to work out with Chris's crazy summer schedule.
We passed that interview without question, even though there were many things that could have caused them to deny our initial petition without additional investigation.
I almost cannot even think about all of it without falling on my knees in thanksgiving.
Several people made their way to my home on Monday evening (the night before the visa interview) to pray that the Lord would, again, make a way.  I soaked in their words and tucked them away in my heart.  When my phone rang at 4:55am on Tuesday morning and Chris excitedly told me that we had passed, I was giddy.  As he began to explain how the interview had gone, I got chills as I heard so many of the specific prayers from the night before directly answered.
Since then, I have been reeling.  Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Overwhelmed.
Mostly, I cannot stop being thankful.  For people who love us and support us so completely.
For a God who will never let us go and who will always make a way.
I will never forget the day I met my son, Famous.
Cannot wait to open my door and see that kid standing on my front porch.
What a glorious day next Wednesday will be.
Will you be praying for our little family?  For Famous as he encounters a whole new culture and grieves the one he is leaving?  For Chris and I to learn how to love him through the changes and grief?  For our children as their world is about to change?  Thanks!

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