Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Five

Famous is home.
That is one sentence that packs a lot of reality and a lot of God work in three words.
He and Chris arrived one week ago tomorrow, and it has been both lightening fast and incredibly slow all at once.
We are learning life as a family of five.  It is hard, and it is beautiful.
We are learning more about the Lord's redemption each moment of every day--in Famous but mostly in our own hearts.  I can only imagine how that will grow as the days continue to pass.
We are settling in, and all five of us are adjusting into a new normal.
Before I move on completely, the homecoming was one for the books.  It was emotional, raw, and real.  I never want to forget Beckett running to the car and yelling "Famous" repeatedly.  I never want to forget Micah grabbing Famous's hand to introduce him to his grandparents and then to excitedly show him his room and his toys and his soccer goal.  I never want to forget Beckett trailing behind and Famous stopping to take his hand and watching all three of my children holding hands in our house.  I hope those memories are etched into my brain and my heart forever.
Our dear friend, Gretchen, came over to silently capture some of these moments for us, and I've made a short video of them.  We will treasure these days always. 

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