Saturday, January 30, 2010

isn't she lovely?

Micah just looked too cute yesterday in her little jeans and sweater, and I had to share with all of you!!!

Isn't that precious?!?! I think it makes her look like a little girl!

So sweet! Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


When Chris and I got married, we committed to each other that we would make time for a date each week. In the past 5 years, we have honored that commitment. Sometimes, our date night looks like ordering a pizza or picking up Sonic, but we always make time to slow down and enjoy each other's company every week.

Since Micah was born, we have continued our little tradition, but we just have a sweet little bundle with us! Well, on Friday night, we went on our first official date, just the two of us, without Micah. We had been on one dinner date shortly after Micah was born while her Grandmommy {Chris's mom} watched her. But, this was the first time that someone other than family watched her for a few hours {Thanks Westbrooks!}.

We started our date off with dinner here...

I know, nothing fancy, but we both LOVE Scholtzsky's! And, the main event of our date was going to see Avatar. We had to wear these for our first 3-D movie experience...

The movie was really good! Neither one of us would classify ourselves as enjoying "Sci Fi" movies, but Avatar was incredible. The graphics were amazing, and I really liked the story. I would definitely recommend it!

We had a great time on our date, but it felt strange not to have Micah with us. I told Chris that it felt like one of my arms was missing :) We actually almost left the movie early just to get back to her, but we showed some restraint! We were more than thrilled to see our sweet baby again. How could you not be excited to lay eyes on this face?!?
Of course, Micah was well taken care of, behaved herself {mostly}, and was sound asleep for the night when we went to pick her up. Although we will still include Micah on our weekly dates most of the time, it was a nice treat to not have to worry about a crying baby or a feeding schedule for just a few hours.

Friday, January 22, 2010


As I have watched the news about the tragic earthquake in Haiti, I have felt an incredible and overwhelming burden. This country that already suffered mightily in terms of poverty and lack of resources now has to deal with this terrible natural disaster. In a place already home to thousands of orphans, many more children have lost their parents and find themselves in orphanages. Parents have lost children. Homes are destroyed. People are injured and infected. The destruction is unbelievable.

Seeing the pictures and faces of the Haitians has brought me to tears. How is it fair that this could happen to them? How is it fair that they were born in a country where the resources are lacking? How is it fair that I was born in a country where a natural disaster like this would be terrible, awful, but I would have confidence that I would receive adequate care to overcome it? The only answer is that it isn't fair. It's just not. That is really hard to swallow.

My initial reaction is to turn off the news, think, "that's too bad," and go on with my easy life. But, I feel like God is calling me to something bigger than that. I have been overwhelmed by this tragedy, and I just can't let it go. They may be far away, and I may have never seen or touched a single Haitian in my life. However, we were all made in the image of God. He created us to be just like Him, all of us. So, I will continue to fall to my knees and pray over these people that I will never know, and my prayer is that in the midst of all of this suffering that God will be near. I pray that they will feel his presence and know that he aches and groans and cries with them. He is broken for them. He will not forget them. My prayer doesn't end there. My hope is that I will ache and groan and cry with them, too. That I will be broken for them. That I will not forget them, even when the news does.

Lord, give me your eyes. Don't let me stop hurting for your people. Teach me to always ask what I can do and not to be afraid of the answer.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


We have a baby that really thrives on a schedule. I know that is supposedly true of most babies, but I can definitely say that Micah is much happier when she is in a consistent and predictable routine. That results in a much happier Mommy too! Just so I can remember these days, here is what yesterday looked like for our 7 week old!

2:30am - Wake up and eat
3:00am - Go back to sleep in bouncy seat
5:30am - Wake up and just want to be held, so Mommy takes you to the living room
6:30am - Daddy has to meet someone very early, so he takes you for a ride. Mommy is thankful for the extra sleep :)
7:30am - Eat
8:00am - Awake and happy in swing
8:45am - Play and cat nap with Mommy
10:30am - Eat
11:00am - Get dressed for the day
11:10am - Play with Mommy in your room
tummy time...can you tell how much she loves this?!?

look at that strong neck

much better!

11:30am - Read a book with Mommy in the rocker
11:45am - Morning nap in bouncy seat
12:45pm - Spend time in the Ergo Carrier while Mommy and Daddy eat
1:00pm - Fussy and go back to sleep
2:30pm - Eat and are happy
3:00pm - Afternoon nap in swing
5:00pm - Help Mommy get dinner ready in the Ergo
5:45pm - Eat and play time with Daddy
7:00pm - Double Dave's for Conversation Cafe
8:30pm - Put on jammies and eat
9:00pm - Asleep for the night :) {or the next 5-6 hours!}

I am loving our happy, smiley little girl! I cannot believe she is almost 2 months old!!! It doesn't seem possible. We love you so much, Micah girl!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

run, run, rudolph...

On Sunday, Chris ran the Houston Chevron Marathon. This was his 9th marathon, but it was extra special because it was the first time he has completed a marathon as a daddy! We had planned to go to College Station on Friday morning to visit {and I got a MUCH needed haircut!}, but Chris thought it would be fun to surprise our families and get there on Thursday evening. We enjoyed fun time with both of our families, got to go to one of Joanna's basketball games, and visited my old school and had fun introducing Micah to some very special people and children there.

We left for Houston on Saturday afternoon, and Chris's mom went with us to help me find my way around the next day and give me a hand with Micah. We checked into our {very} nice hotel, went to the expo to get the race packet and a few necessities, and enjoyed a pasta dinner with some friends. The marathon went very well, all things considered {a serious lack of traning on Chris's part}, and I was super proud of my husband. Other than our car being blocked in at our hotel and missing our chance to see Chris at mile 13, Holly and I were successful at navigating our way around Houston, blocked roads and all. Many thanks to our trusty GPS.
Our famiy of 3 after the marathon...doesn't Chris look amazing for having just run 26.2 miles?!?

This is how Micah felt the next morning...those marathons are exhausting for a 6 1/2 week old!

We had a great time and are settling back in around here. We've done lots of traveling in the past few weeks, and I am looking forward to getting back into a routine at home. Micah is a very good traveler, but we all come home wiped out after being gone for a few days! I hope that a normal schedule will mean more regular blogging to come. I have lots to catch up on...particularly pictures of our sweet pea who is getting cuter by the day.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Around the world, there are 27 million people in slavery. 27 million people. That is unfathomable to me. The thought of slavery is beyond my comprehension, and to think that it is still happening today is just unbelievable. What is totally appalling to me is that so many of these people are CHILDREN! Little 5 and 6 year old children working 100 hours a week, being trafficked to other countries, and being treated with no love or compassion. It breaks my heart to think about these children growing up and never experiencing the love of a mom or dad, let alone the love of God.

Chris and I have committed to making a difference in the lives of these trafficked and slave children. Please consider what you can do to help. Check out for more information on ways to get involved, particularly with rescuing slave children in Ghana, West Africa.

My prayer is that God will use my family to bring hope to these children and give us boldness to reach out and rescue them. Until then, I pray that God will protect them and be near to them like only He can. Please join me in that prayer today.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas 2009..Cliff Notes Style

Since it is January 10, I figured it was definitely time to complete the Christmas 2009 post. I would just skip right over it, but seeing as it was Micah's first Christmas {and this blog is for her}, I will dedicate a post to her first celebration of this great holiday. Enjoy this quick overview of our fun, food, family-filled, whirlwind Christmas!

We will start with Christmas Eve.

It snowed...ALL DAY! Our house looked like this by the time we went to bed.

We had a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at church. Chris told Micah the story of Jesus' birth. So sweet.

Came home, watched Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation, baked cookies for Santa, and Micah {with Daddy's help} wrote her first letter for Santa. Too cute.

We ended the night with Chris reading the last 10 pages of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to Micah. I think we will always do that. It adds some much needed perspective to the whole holiday, and it is right up our alley. If you've never read it, please do! It's totally worth it!

CHRISTMAS DAY...Field Family Style
We got up at Micah's first sign of stirring {about 6:00am} and saw that Santa came to visit. She was stoked :)

We got ready and were out the door to College Station by 7:40am. Early start but that's what happens when you have a 3 1/2 week old. She and Wrigley enjoyed each other's company in the backseat of our packed car.

We went straight to Chris's parents house when we got there and enjoyed breakfast for lunch and lots of gifts. Micah got lots of love...both in the material and familial departments.

Then, our little family headed to Granny's to see some of Chris's dad's side of the family.

About an hour and a half after that, we headed to G&Gs for Chris's mom's side of the family Christmas. Again, Micah got lots of love {so did we, but we don't mind playing second fiddle to such an adorable little one!}

To say we were ready for bed by the end of the day would be an understatement for all three of us.

We got up and headed over to my parents house by 9:00am for our Christmas with my family.

We enjoyed a finger-food lunch and opened gifts.

We made sugar cookies and decorated them...a Webb family tradition.

Same story...Micah enjoyed lots of much welcomed time with family, getting lots of love.

My dad did an excellent job creating a "pasta bar" and dished all of us up pasta, made to order. Yumm!!!!

We stayed in College Station until December 30 and enjoyed the extra hands to love on our little girl! We were all spoiled and loved every minute of it. We had a very Merry Christmas, and I think Micah approved of her first celebration. We loved sharing this special time with her, and she has brought new meaning to the story of Jesus' birth. I know that I will never hear that story the same way again, and for that, I am so thankful! Our prayer is that we will be able to instill in her the hope, joy, and peace that the birth of Jesus brings to us, and that Christmas will mean more to her than gifts, Santa, and lights. My prayer is that as I try to teach her those things that maybe I will realize it too.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

one month

Micah is one month old today. It is unbelievable to me that one month ago, I met this sweet girl for the first time just hours before. She has changed my world in incredible ways, and I have experienced emotions that I never knew possible. I am beyond thankful for this gift, and I am amazed at the ways that God has expanded my heart to love this precious child.

Micah Elisabeth,

Today you are one month old! I can hardly believe that I only held you for the first time one month ago. In some ways, this month has flown by, but in others, I cannot remember not knowing your sweet face or kissing your little hands. You have made my life a million times richer, and I cherish every moment I spend holding you, rocking you, soothing you, and singing to you.

This first month of your life has brought you many firsts! You saw your house for the first time, met Wrigley, and met lots of family. You got your first bath, and you still are not a big fan of those! You went on your first outing to dinner and went to church for the first time. Everyone at Heritage loves you and thinks you're precious, and your daddy and I couldn't agree more. You experienced pain for the first time when you started having acid reflux. That pitiful scream was the worst sound to this mommy's ears, but now that you have your medicine, you are much happier! You went on your first walk in your stroller and your first car ride...and you LOVE both!!! You had your first Christmas {more to come on that later} and were spoiled rotten by all your sweet family. You rang in the New Year and smiled at daddy for the first time yesterday! We didn't get a picture, but we were beside ourselves with excitement. I got my first real big smile today, and I am thrilled to start seeing it more.

You are growing a lot, and I think you may be out of your newborn clothes soon. I will miss these sweet, snuggly days, and I am just soaking up every moment of cuddling with you. I have loved every moment of being your mommy this first month, and I know it is just going to get better and better. I love hearing all your little squeaks and grunts, and your little {or've got some lungs, sweet pea!} cry is even precious to me. You love your bouncy seat, which is where you {sometimes} sleep at night, and you are starting to enjoy your swing more and more. My favorite time of day with you is in the {early} morning because you are so happy and will just lay on your blanket and stare at us for a long time! You enjoy your pacifier, and you love to go to sleep on our chests. Those are some of the sweetest moments with you.

I sometimes still can't believe that you are mine, but I just revel in the beauty of it all. I have fallen more in love with you in the past month than I ever thought possible. You are my sunshine. Happy one month, Micah Elisabeth!

I love you, to the moon and all the way back!

Friday, January 1, 2010

five years

Today Chris and I celebrate five years of being married. It is hard to believe that five years ago we committed our lives to one another in marriage, and even crazier to think that our journey began 9 years ago!

Sweet love,
I never believed that I could love you any more than I did when we exchanged vows five years ago, but I know for certain that I am more in love with you today than I ever thought possible. You never cease to amaze me with your desire to love and serve me. You are a better husband than I could have ever dreamed, and I am so grateful for the ways you serve, honor, and love me. Our five years have taken us lots of places, and we have done lots of things {some of them fun, some of them not so much :)}. We have been through so many things that have only brought us closer, and I am thankful for the fact that you choose every day to work hard at this thing called marriage. The end of this first five years has brought us the greatest gift ever...Micah Elisabeth. You are the best daddy, and I love watching you love her. I cannot imagine being on this journey with anyone but you. You are my best friend, and you know me better than anyone else. Thanks for sharing your life with me. It's been the best five years ever, and I can't wait for the rest of my life with you. Here's to getting old together and loving every minute of it.

I love a million :)