Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bike Riding In The Sunshine.

For Christmas, all 3 of the kids got 1 big gift from us--bikes.  Chris and I were so excited about these gifts and had been planning this surprise since the summer.  The kids were shocked and ready to ride, but it has been super cold around these parts since Christmas.  We have still managed to take them out to ride in short bursts, but no one lasted long in the cold.  So, when the sun came out and the temperature rose to almost 70 the past several days, we took full advantage of the beautiful bike riding weather.

For those wondering...yes, Famous taught himself how to ride a two wheel bike upon arrival in the US.  He went to a friend's house to play and promptly figured out how to balance, pedal, etc. without having ever used a tricycle, training wheels, or anything.  Amazing, I tell you.
Also, Micah and Beckett got balance bikes.  They don't have pedals and only have two wheels and came highly recommended for the transition to a big bike.  Beckett still prefers the old tricycle!

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