Thursday, April 29, 2010

last week

{I wrote this post on Thursday, but blogger just now let me post pictures. So FRUSTRATING!}

While Chris was away in Ghana, Micah and I were playing in College Station with both sets of her grandparents! We sure did miss our man, but we had lots of family to keep us company. Our week was full of good food, conversation, and lots of lovin. I got a pedicure and my hair done, compliments of my thoughtful husband, so there was a little spoiling involved as well. We got to spend time with friends, went to a couple of t-ball games, introduced our Central family to Micah, did some shopping, and had lots of fun! Here are some pictures from our week.
mug trees are lots of fun!

bathtime in Mimi and Pappy's sink

meeting Jonathan Fisher

with Grandmamma and Granny at Cade's t-ball game

Cousins at Cade's t-ball game {& Jojo}

playing with Pappy on the floor

Lots of time with Mimi

me and my sweetpea before we went to pick Chris up

We really had a fantastic week! Chris had a good week in Ghana as well. He had great conversations with some great people. God is moving!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

don't want to forget

I really don't want to forget these sweet times with my baby girl.

I don't want to forget the way her whole face lights up when she smiles.

I don't want to forget her precious chubby cheeks or her sweet little hands.

I don't want to forget her adorable voice and how she talks to me all day long.

I don't want to forget the little ring of hair that is missing all the way around her head.

I don't want to forget the way she tries so hard to laugh that she can't get it out, and sometimes it sounds like a scream.

I don't want to forget holding her in my arms while she sleeps.

I don't want to forget the way she reaches out her hands and grabs my face when I am holding her.

I don't want to forget the way she smiles almost instantly when she sees me walk into the room.

I don't want to forget how she smiles so big that she can't stay still.

I don't want to forget how much she adores her daddy and how she is already flirting with him with those big smiles.

I don't want to forget how hard she works to blow those little raspberries back at me.

I don't want to forget the way she smiles at Wrigley every time she sees him.

I don't want to forget the way she makes me feel love like I never knew possible.

I just really don't want to forget...

Thank you, sweet Lord, for these blessed moments. Thank you for loving me like I love her and for cherishing the small things that I do just like I cherish her.

Friday, April 23, 2010

my sweet girl

Here are a few pictures of my precious girl to tide you over until I have a
chance to write a real post. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

kickin' it 4 captives

This past weekend was the Mercy Project's spring fundraiser. Starting at noon on Friday and ending at 2pm on Sunday, 41 people played kickball for 50 hours in the Guiness World Record breaking Kickin' It 4 Captives. This game is the longest kickball marathon to date, and it was no easy feat. The players were incredible, and I was truly humbled by their sacrifice to give up a weekend to sleep in tents and play kickball! Each person played for about 25 of the 50 hours...crazy!!! Let me just say that I have a great deal of respect for the players because not only did they get very little sleep, but they were on their feet and physically active for way more hours than one's body is used to! There may have been some limping, and by Sunday morning, there were fewer people hustling. But, I did not hear one person complain. AWESOME!

But, even greater than being world record holders, these 41 players {plus 6 wonderful people who gave up their weekend just to help out with less glorifying tasks} raised $20,000 for the kids in Ghana! Simply incredible. When Chris and I first started discussing the possibilities of this kickball game, we never could have imagined that it would have been this successful. And, honestly, it wouldn't have been if it were just up to us, but thankfully, we serve a mighty, mighty God and worked with some fantastic people. These players really bought into the idea of being people who live out the gospel and take it to ALL of God's children, and they worked hard to fundraise for this event. Chris and I were seriously blown away. Because of Kickin' It 4 Captives, almost 15 children will be able to be rescued off of the lake in Ghana and will have a place to live!

There are times when the Mercy Project {the nonprofit organization that Chris founded after his trip to Ghana} is overwhelming and time consuming, and it can even seem like we aren't making any difference all the way on the other side of the world. But, then, in a weekend like this, I am reminded that God is truly up to something. All of the effort, sweat, and tears is worth it because He is in the middle of it.

So, thank you to all the amazing players and helpers for the weekend! We couldn't have done it without you. And, to my incredible husband, thank you for showing me how to love mercy with every fiber of my being!

Hope some of you can join us next year for whatever other crazy, world record breaking event we do! It will be worth it!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

may you "grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and people"

That verse from Luke 2:52 is one of our prayers for Micah. And, I don't know about the wisdom thing, but I can vouch for the stature part of that verse! We went to the doctor for Micah's 4 month well check on Tuesday, and here are her stats:
She weighs 16 lbs. 6 oz. {95%}. She is 25 1/2 in. long {90%}. Wowzers! I think that's about right, what do you think?

We love her and all her chubbiness. I think it just makes her even cuter and more irresistible! She also had to get shots, and poor baby did not do as well with them as she did at her 2 month appointment. She ran fever and was a little fussy for a couple of days. It was so sad! But, she is feeling all better now. I sure do love my little 4 month old sweetheart!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

just a year ago...

It was just a year ago on April 5, 2009 that we found out that sweet Micah Elisabeth was on the way. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. So many emotions all at once, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw those TWO pink lines!!!

We had waited quite some time to see those little lines, and we were ecstatic. We couldn't wait to share our good news. I had no idea just how incredibly my world would be rocked in the next year. Micah is the biggest blessing, and sometimes I still can't believe that God has given me the privilege of being a mommy. What a true gift it is to experience love like this. That little chubby face is the most precious thing ever, and my heart is just so full. It seemed like the day would never come when I got to see those two pink lines, and then it seemed like the day would never come when our sweet baby would be here. How life has changed in the past year, and I am loving it! What a great day that was in early April, but this beautiful face makes these early April days even better!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

check 'em out

3 {yes, 3!!!} new posts below

twenty six
four months {if you are only going to read one, this is the one :)}

happy easter!

We spent the morning celebrating Easter at a wonderful, bilingual worship service. I am so thankful that the tomb is empty and that we do not serve a God who was defeated by death. He is alive! That is good news!!! Be blessed today. Peace be with you.

Happy Easter!
Love, the Field family

Saturday, April 3, 2010

twenty six

I turned 26 on Friday, and it was a pretty special day because it was the first time I got to celebrate a birthday as a mom. I have to say that I was kind of sad to say good-bye to 25. I mean, lots of great things happened in my 25th year of life...I found out I was pregnant. Chris and I went on an incredible vacation to Alaska. We started a nonprofit organization to rescue children in slavery. I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl ever, and my life got a million times richer. I get to stay home with that sweet thing every single day. It was truly a great year, and I was reminded over and over just how great God is and how incredible his love for me is. I just love the idea that he delights in me the same way {and even more} that I delight in Micah. So profound!

I, of course, was spoiled by my amazing husband, and he made every moment of my day special. He put a lot of thought into it, and he didn't disappoint. Of course, the highlight of my day was waking up to these two!

Shortly after, I received a super fun new toy!!!

I have been playing with it ever since. Who knew taking pictures could be so much fun?!?! You can be expecting a lot more in the future. I also got photoshop from my parents, so I will be learning how to make my pictures even more excellent {hopefully!}.

It was a great day and a good way to start the next year! Can't wait to see what God has in store for me.

Friday, April 2, 2010

four months

Miss Micah,

How has another month already passed by? This month has flown by, and you have changed so much! You are really beginning to develop your own little personality, and I love it! Your daddy and I are always talking about how much fun we are having with you, and I am oh so thankful that I get to spend every single day loving on you and watching you grow. I feel like every month that my heart has been stretched to the max with love for you, but somehow, I keep finding ways to love you more and more.

You smile constantly now, and it melts me every time! My favorite is when I pick you up in the morning, and once you find me with your eyes, you give me the most precious, sleepy smile ever. I don't think that will ever get old! You smile with your whole face, and I love seeing your little eyes light up. Your daddy gets the biggest smiles from you still, and he can make you grin no matter what your mood is. You can be super fussy, and all he has to do is make a silly face or noise to get a huge smile from you. I love that you love him so much! You are not stingy with your smiles but are constantly smiling at people.

You have such a fiery little personality. You know what you want, and you make it known! Sometimes, this brings with it some intense squealing and screaming, but you are determined and passionate. I love that about you already! Your precious giggle is getting more and more frequent, and I can't wait to hear you belly laugh. That will just make my day! You found your thumb this month, and although you are not a dedicated thumb sucker, you find it quite often. You are still my chunky monkey, and I can't imagine you without all those precious, kissable rolls!

You are "talking" a whole lot too! I love your sweet little voice and all the sounds you make. We can talk for minutes on end, especially when you are on your changing table. You talk to your toys sometimes too, which is too cute. You have really started to enjoy playing with toys this month, and you can entertain yourself for some time in your exersaucer! I love reading books to you now because you pay so much attention to the pictures and love looking at the colors on the pages. You still like to watch really captures your attention. I still can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing!

You love Wrigley and pay attention to him a lot. He even gets some smiles out of you when he walks by! One day when you were crying, he walked up and licked your cheek, and you immediately stopped crying and just smiled away at him. Oh my precious! You love other dogs too, and when we visit your grandparents, you love to watch their dogs.

You are more alert all the time, and you LOVE to look around. You used to be able to sleep through anything, but you have become way too curious now. You like to be able to see what is going on around you and love to stand up on our laps. You are one strong little girl!!! One big thing that happened this month is that you rolled over for the very first time! On March 18, you rolled from your back to your tummy, and your daddy and I were so proud! I think we scared you with our excitement :) I love watching you learn to do more and more things.
This month was so much fun, and I know it will just keep getting more fun. This four month birthday was special for me because we got to share this day. I love sharing life with you, and you bring me so much joy. I love watching you splash in your little bathtub. I love rocking you to sleep. I love kissing your chubby cheeks. I love showing you off to friends and family. I love walking this journey with you. Daddy and I pray for you every night, and we are just totally smitten by you! You are just too precious, and I am so thankful to be your mommy. Happy four months, Micah girl! Lots of hugs and kisses...

I love you, to the moon and back!
Your Mommy