Friday, March 29, 2013

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

As part of the BCS Marathon Race Series, there is a women-only 5k, appropriately named "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." So, of course, we had to take part.
The race team created such a fun atmosphere, and the race was complete with a costume contest, roses for every finisher, gatorade in plastic champagne glasses, chocolate fountains, and delicious desserts from a great restaurant in town.  Throw in the fact that it was all girls, and who could say no?!??
My mom, sister, some friends, and I dressed up in our best 80s garb and came ready to run/walk and have some fun.
Micah also came along for the ride.
It really was a great race.  It was a little chilly and windy before the start, but it was a great time.  Pushing Micah for 3.1 miles (which I had NEVER done before) gave me a really excellent workout...probably a better workout than I was looking for!
Lindsey and I ran/walked together.  It was fun, and I was super proud of her for all the fitness she has gained.  I was a little proud of myself for keeping up and not leaving Micah in the stroller on the sidewalk to come back for her later :)
We finished and had lots of fun.  What more could you ask for?!?  We are already looking forward to next year.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


We have enjoyed some beautiful days outside in the past couple of weeks.
I love getting some fresh air and vitamin D while letting my littles get out lots of energy.
It is hard to go inside sometimes when the weather is so perfect, so we have set up camp in the backyard almost every afternoon.
It has been so good for all of us.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Memories: Riding A Horse

On Saturday, Micah rode on her first horse.
My parents live out on some land, and the people that own the land live near my parents and own many horses and cows.  Saturday was their big cattle round-up, so Micah spent the night with them on Friday night in order to be around the next day.
Part of the fun of the cattle round-up for the kids is that they get to ride a horse at some point in the day.  
When the time came, Micah was so excited.
I hoisted myself (with lots of help) up on Wickson, the sweetest horse. 
By the way, I have only ridden a horse one other time in my life, and I had to ride behind the saddle with Micah.
We got the hang of it, and it was so much fun.
I honestly cannot wait to do it again with her and when Chris can be there, too.
She was not at all afraid and did not want to get off.
It was such a wonderful memory with my sweet little cowgirl.
{This might be one of my most favorite pictures of us ever.  She melts me.}